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Bergen Cruise Port

The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway

The city of Bergen was founded on an old Viking settlement in the year 1070, and has a proud history and many interesting cultural monuments. Today Bergen has more than 270 000 inhabitants. The city is famous for its exciting mixture of old and new architecture, its charm and atmosphere. Bergen is surrounded by one of the world’s most spectacular tourist attractions - the Norwegian Fjords, which are included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Bryggen (the Wharf) in Bergen is also listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and the city is a designated World Heritage City. Bergen is a popular cruise destination and the leading cruise port in Norway.

Attractions & Excursions

The School Museum
Photo: Bymuseet i Bergen

The School Museum

From catechism to flannel boards - Norways oldest school building. The School Museum is one of Bymuseet i Bergens museums, located in the old Latin school in Lille Øvregate, right next to the Cathedral.
Bryggen – The World Heritage Site
Photo: Bergen Tourist Board / Robin Strand –

Bryggen – The World Heritage Site

Bryggen is one of Bergen's and Norway's main attractions! The very first buildings in Bergen were situated at Bryggen, which has been a vibrant and important area of the city for many centuries. This Hanseatic Wharf, a maze of wooden buildings, attracts visitors from all over the world and acts as a landmark in the city centre.
Mt. Fløyen – An iconic attraction
Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Mt. Fløyen – An iconic attraction

Fløibanen funicular is the experience that no visitors to Bergen should be without, and a ride is a thrilling experience in itself. The 6-minute ride takes you 320 m above sea level, to the top of Mount Fløyen. Experience a breathtaking panoramic view of Bergen from the spacious plateau on the edge of the mountain top.
Bergen Aquarium
Photo: Thor Håkonsen

Bergen Aquarium

At Bergen Aquarium, children and adults alike can see, touch, read about and follow the animals and aquarium keepers at close range. You can watch shows and feedings, and see how fish and animals act when in their element. Bergen Aquarium has been a must-see institution for visitors and residents alike since 1960.
Ulriken 643 – Ulriken Cable Car
Photo: Espen Haagensen

Ulriken 643 – Ulriken Cable Car

Ulriken Express takes you by cable car to the highest of Bergen’s famous "Seven Mountains". The tour takes you to spectacular scenery and mountain terrain 643 metres above the city streets. From the summit, you can enjoy magnificent views of Bergen and the surrounding area - the sea, the islands, fjords and mountains.
KODE – the Art Museums of Bergen
Photo: Dag Fosse

KODE – the Art Museums of Bergen

KODE has an extensive collection of art and design. The museum fills four buildings in the centre of the city. You can experience the masterpieces by Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and J. C. Dahl, visit the unique exhibition “the Silver Treasure”, admire the handicrafts and designs from the last five hundred years, or experience some of the temporary exhibitions.

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships Yes
Pilot Channel 13
Tidal movement 1.2 m
Ship tenders allowed Yes, up to 15.000 gr.tons
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limitations
Maximum number of ships per day in port 4 ships
Maximum number of passengers per day in port 9000 pax
Environmental limitations/restrictions Reception facilities for grey water and sewage
Other Shuttle service: Yes (free of charge from the port area Jekteviken/ Dokkeskjærskaien)

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length Skolten North: 333 m, Skolten South: 330 m, Bontelabo: 133 m, Tollboden: 109
Draft Skolten North: 9 m, Skolten South: 8.8 m, Bontelabo: 9.2 m, Tollboden: 6.5 m,
Air draft Askøy bridge: 63.5 m
Beam No limitation


Available Yes, up to 15 000 gr.tons
Pontoons No
Tugboat Yes

Port Services

Bunkers Yes, by car/boat
Supplies Yes
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method By car - ordered by the shipping agent
Other Shuttle buses from Jekteviken / Dokken area free of charge
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes, as far as possible


Port of Bergen

Phone 47 5556 8957
Contact person
Mailing Address POB. 6040, NO-5892 Bergen
Visiting Address Nøstegaten 30
Port control
Charts YES
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel 16
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) Channel 13
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses Modern coaches from Jekteviken/Dokken area Shuttle-buses free of charge to the city center,available from the ship’s arrival to departure time.
Taxi Available on request
Shopping Several within walking distance, approx 500 m
Tax refund Yes, onboard
Distances - airport 16 km, Bergen Airport Flesland
Distance to city centre In the city center (300-500 m)


Mailing Address Strandkaien 3
Visiting Address Strandkaien 3, NO-5013 Bergen, Norway
Phone +47 55 55 20 00
Contact person
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