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Norway - the ultimate nature-based cruise destination

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Smøla & Hitra


Looking for new and exciting cruise destinations? Look no further than the islands of Smøla and Hitra, located between Kristiansund and Trondheim on the north western coast of Norway. Both destinations are ideal for smaller ships and expedition cruises with guests looking for unique experiences, nature-based activities and local produce.

Combine your call at Smøla or Hitra with a cruise on the idyllic and secluded Todalsfjord, or why not a visit to Kristiansund and the majestic Atlantic Ocean Road.

Attractions & Excursions

Possible combination: Cruising the Todalsfjord
Photo:Steinar Melby

Possible combination: Cruising the Todalsfjord

New and exciting possibility for combing a call to Smøla, Hitra or Kristiansund with the idyllic and secluded Todalsfjord. A detour to this fjord is perfect for smaller cruise ships, at least if you plan to offer the passengers the possibility to tender into the small village of Todalen for various excursions, but a fjord cruise only is also possible. Sailing time to Todalen is around 2.5 hrs (38 nm) from Grip pilot station.
Looking for other things to do? (Hitra)
Photo: Vindfang AS

Looking for other things to do? (Hitra)

The possibilities at Hitra are endless, and most activities can be customized. Kayaking, fishing, horse riding or boat trip. What about a culinary tour, or a visit to the war memorial exhibition and old bunkers.
Exhibition at the Coastal Museum (Hitra)
Photo: Vinfang AS, Kystmuseet

Exhibition at the Coastal Museum (Hitra)

Visit the Coastal Museum to see the exhibition “The people in Flatvika”, portraying a family consisting of several generations living together on a typical coastal farm in 1920. Meet some of those who live on the farm. Through an audio guide you can hear them talking to you, telling their story.
Visit a crab factory (Hitra)
Photo: Hitramat AS

Visit a crab factory (Hitra)

Guided bus excursion to the village of Ansnes. Ever since the 18th century, trading with fish and seafood has been going on here. Pay a visit to one of Europe’s most modern factories for brown crab, located close to the largest fishing grounds for crabs in Norway. Round off with a crab lunch and home brewed beer at Ansnes Brygger.
Hopsjø old trading centre (Hitra)
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Hopsjø old trading centre (Hitra)

Hopsjø was one of the coast region’s largest trading centres in the 1700s and 1800s. Explore this fascinating place with so many interesting stories to tell! Old general store with a great collection of ancient artefacts and advertising signs from the retail sector, whaling exhibition with authentic objects and tools, old and restored wooden boats, once used for herring fishing and more.
Sea eagle safari at Dolmsundet  (Hitra)
Photo: Vindfang AS

Sea eagle safari at Dolmsundet (Hitra)

Join a guided hiking tour along «Ulvøystien» hiking trail. Magnificent view over the ocean, the neighbouring island of Frøya and the mainland on the inward side. The whole round trip takes about 2.5 hrs. Stop along the way to enjoy a Norwegian «matpakke» with sandwich, drinks and fruit, just like the locals do.

Port Facilities

Open 24/7
ISPS approved Smøla NO / Hitra YES
Designated quays for cruise ships Smøla NO / Hitra YES
Pilot VHF Channel 16/13
Tidal movement Approx. 2 m
Ship tenders allowed YES
Ships stay minimum/maximum No restrictions
Maximum number of ships per day in port 1
Maximum number of passengers per day in port N/A
Environmental limitations/restrictions No restrictions

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length Smøla 195 m / Hitra 170 m at berth, at anchor no limits
Draft Smøla 8 m / Hitra 12 m at berth, at anchor no limits
Air draft No limit
Beam No limit


Available YES
Pontoons YES
Tugboat YES, on request

Port Services

Bunkers YES, by barge/boat
Supplies YES
Waste handling Smøla NO / Hitra YES
Fresh water YES
Waste water method YES, by barge/truck
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? YES


Port of Kristiansund & Nordmøre

Phone Port traffic service +47 992 99 120
Contact person Port inspector
Phone +47 992 99 120
Mailing Address Astrupsgate 9, NO-6509 Kristiansund N
Visiting Address Astrupsgate 9, NO-6509 Kristiansund N
Port control
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel 16
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) VHF Channel 13 and 16
Distance to nearest pilot station South: Grip/Kristiansund Smøla 15 nm/1 hour / Hitra 40 nm. North: Kråkvågsfjorden Flesa Smøla 55 nm/4 hrs / Hitra 11 nm/1 hr

Buses N/A
Taxi YES
Shopping Limited
Tax refund NO
Distances - airport Smøla Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget 1,5 hrs / Hitra Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget 3,5 hrs, Trondheim Airport Værnes 2,5 hrs
Distance to city centre N/A


Mailing Address Smøla N/A / Hitra Museumsplassen 1, NO-7240 Hitra
Visiting Address Smøla No local tourist service available, info via Visit Northwest / Hitra At the Coastal Museum, Fillan
Phone Smøla +47 70 23 88 00 / Hitra +47 72 44 40 10
Contact person
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