Sightseeing by walking 2,5 hours guided tour in town

Sightseeing by walking 2,5 hours guided tour in town
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Sandefjord is a modern town with great variation. There are short distances, flat terrain and easy to walk around. The town has an interesting history, beautiful nature and a quiet atmosphere. On this tour you will get a brief description of Sandefjord and the three main periods of Sandefjords history, Viking, Spa and Whaling, as well as modern history, architecture and curiosities.

A dramatic fire raged through Sandefjord in 1900 and left part of the town in ruins, today buildings in Art Nouveau is to been seen several places in the town.

• The Whaling Monument, Sandefjord's most famous sculpture,  created by Knut Steen at the end of 1950's.
• The harbour and the restored veteran whaler “Southern         Actor".
• Brødrene Berggren, the country's oldest private-owned fishmonger.
• Bjerggata one of Sandefjord's oldest and best preserved residential areas.
• Kurbadet opened as a spa in 1837 and remained open until World War II.
• Bytunet park.
• Art Nouveau buildings.
• Shops that are a curiosity in itself.
• Bakgården where locale craftsmen have created a unique environment.

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