Highlights of Kristiansand and its surroundings

Highlights of Kristiansand and its surroundings
Photo: Svein Tybakken
This tour offers a study of the contrasts between the present and the past, as we leave the harbour for the city centre, driving past the old fortress Christiansholm, built in 1672. Entering the city, we observe the rectangular pattern of the streets between the harbour and the Otra river, passing many delightful old wooden houses typical of this region.

After crossing the Otra, we pass the Oddernes Church, more than 950 years old, with its rune stone stand at the entrance. Vest-Agder county museum is one of Norway's largest open air museums. It features an ancient city street with authentic houses.

In the village of Søgne productive farms are in close proximity to breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding skerries. We visit the rose-painted Søgne Old Church, where the Norwegian poet and playwright Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson was married.

The route back to Kristiansand follows the winding coastal road, passing fishing villages and holiday areas, and through the modern residential areas of Kristiansand.

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