Snowshoe tour on Hardangervidda

Snowshoe tour on Hardangervidda
Photo: Best Adventures
Duration: 2,5 hours. Distance: 30 km from port. Capacity: 5 – 8 pax. Season: February – May. A guide from Best Adventures (formerly FlatEarth Adventures) meets the group in front of the gate to the Cruise ship. The group follows the guide to the minivan and will be taken directly to the high mountain plateau. Here the participants will get instructions in snow shoe walking – and how to pull the traditional Norwegian PULK.

The tour has some of the same elements of a polar expedition – only in a safer and much less demanding environment. The PULK is NOT heavy to pull, and is optional to try, should a guest not feel like it. During the tour the guide will demonstrate the use of mountain rescue devices such as avalanche search equipment. The guests will be offered the opportunity to try this rescue technique themselves. Warm drinks will be served during this special activity. We will be sitting on warm reindeer skins in the snow camp. No matter the weather – the participants will have a once in a lifetime experience! Stunning wild beauty in bright sunshine – and a “safe" polar expedition like adventure should the wind blow and the snow fall.

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