In the footsteps of the vikings

In the footsteps of the vikings
Photo: Ravenheart Hardanger
Duration: on request. Distance: 400 meters from port. Capacity: max 35 pax. Season: all year. Are you interested in the daily vikinglife in Hardanger? Do you want to discover more about typical vikingfood, clothes and handcrafts? Ravenheart Hardanger gives you the unique opportunity to experience daily viking life by using all your senses.

You can see historical replicas and pictures of finds, taste typical soup, make your own vikingbread and listen to music performed entirely on instruments from the Viking Age and earlier. You can smell the different herbs the vikings had in their food and touch the variety of fabrics they used to make their clothes. Watch the different handcrafts, try to make your own viking coin or join us on a guided historical walk to the Hæreid Iron Age Burial Site which is the largest collection of ancient burial sites in western Norway, with 350 Iron Age and Viking graves.

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