Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger

Norwegian Nature Centre Hardanger
Photo Norsk Natursenter
Duration: 1.5 hours (incl. 1 hour stay) Distance: 7 km from port Capacity: 168 per half hour. Season: all year. Experience centre for Norwegian nature, climate and environment – discover the diverse beauty Norwegian nature has to offer. Welcome to our modern cinema with 168 seats where we show the 225 degree panoramic film «Fjord, Mountain and Waterfall» produced by Ivo Caprino.

Fly in a helicopter over the high mountains and deep fjords of Hardanger. Experience thrilling dives through steep canyons and cascading waterfalls and be amazed by the quiet poetic scenes among mountain lakes, glaciers and reindeer, accompanied by an original music score. Join us on a travel through time from 2.9 billion years ago up until today and explore the geological development of Norway. Experience the dramatic forces that shaped the ladscape – from the clash of emerging continents to the slow-moving glaciers gouging out steep-sided fjords.

Explore fascinating fossils, minerals in rocks and learn how crystals are growing. Meet a herd of reindeer, moose and deer and greet the mountain trout in our aquariums. Explore modern, interactive stations, models, illustrations and wildlife projections.

In a modern hunting room you can test your hunting skills using our hunting simulator.

Discover the rich ingenuity with which people have lived in the rough nature and made use of its seasonal resources, from the earliest reindeer hunter to today's modern man.

Admire the interplay of art and nature in a new Art&Nature theatre. For more than 250 years, Norwegian artists have been inspired by the stunning formations of fjords, mountains and waterfalls all over the country. Art history professor Gunnar Danbolt shows the connection and the story of man's understanding of nature which has been expressed through painting, print and other media. The Art&Nature theatre shows famous paintings from Thomas Fearnley, Nikolai Astrup, Peder Balke, Hans Gude, Adolph Tidemand, Johan Fredrik Eckersberg, Johannes Flintoe and Johann Christian Dahl.

Explore weather, seasons and climate change and discover rich flora and fauna of Norway.

By watching, touching, listening and learning you yourself become an active and creative part of Norway's natural and cultural history.

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