Hardanger Fjordsafari

Hardanger Fjordsafari
Photo: Lars Inge Thorset
Duration: on request. Distance: 100 m from port. Capacity: 12 passengers per tour. Season: all year. RIB-boat safari in Eidfjord and Hardanger, capacity 12 passengers. The tour starts in Eidfjord Harbor after getting dressed in our gear, and a short safety briefing. We have different tours to both Hotle, the Hardangerbridge and Simadalen where the boat driver will explain what you see.

You may want to have a camera easily accessible. There's not enough time for both Simadalsfjorden and the Hardangerbridge on the same trip, so the passenger and wind conditions influences this. Passengers: Minimum height: 1 meter (children under 14 years of age has to be accompanied by 1 adult each). Passengers have to fit in to our max size suit XXL.​

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