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Telemark Cruise Ports

Living history and magic scenery

The county Telemark is well known for living culture and history, spectacular and varied nature from the beautiful Brevik and Kragerø fjords with hundreds of islands to the majestic mount Gaustatoppen (1883 m). The Telemark Canal with 18 locks, carved into the rock 150 years ago, called the eighth wonder of the world. The world’s largest stave church Heddal, the history of mineral fertilizer that is included in UNESCO’s Industrial Heritage List, the history of skiing and the famous artists Edvard Munch and Henrik Ibsen. Small picturesque coastal towns with narrow streets, first class museums, the fruit village with the world’s northernmost vineyard, tasteful gastronomic experience of local food, popular festivals, deep valleys, rivers, lakes, storytelling, concerts, and popular winter activities/sports. Just one hour pilot distance from Skagerak, midway between Oslo and Kristiansand, you will reach the cruise ports Brevik and Kragerø.

Attractions & Excursions

The Telemark Canal
Photo Ida Chr Kvisgaard

The Telemark Canal

A highlight in our program 150 years old, 18 locks and most of them manually operated, 105 kilometres long and the total difference in elevation is 72 metres. Called “The eighth wonder of the world”. Canal cruises with over 100 years old Canal boats through the most spectacular stretches.
Telemark Industrial World Heritage Site Rjukan–Notodden
Photo Visit Telemark

Telemark Industrial World Heritage Site Rjukan–Notodden

The invention of mineral fertilizer Rjukan Visit the Industrial Museum in Vemork Hydropower Plant from 1911, at that time one of the world’s largest. Inside you will see the old turbines that once produced the electric power necessary to make mineral fertilizer and heavy water during ww2.
Photo Tinfos AS


See the inventor’s first Electric Arc Furnace and visit The Norsk-Hydro Company’s cradle (industrial park, established in 1905) Visit one of Norway’s first power plants Tinfos, which gave electric power to the invention of mineral fertilizer. In the Industrial Museum and Art Gallery Lysbuen placed in a beautiful old listed industrial park you will learn more about the history of the invention.
The Bratsberg Railway
Photo: Visit Telemark

The Bratsberg Railway

Take the Bratsberg Railway visiting Notodden, built in 1913 for transporting fertilizer to the world marked. The railway takes you through villages, rural districts, by lakes, rivers, spectacular nature and over Norway's tallest railway bridge at 65 metres. You may take the railway part of the stretch to Notodden one way and bus the other. Pax: Min 25, max 180
The Heavy Water Sabotages during WW2 in Rjukan
Photo Visit Rjukan

The Heavy Water Sabotages during WW2 in Rjukan

Visit the place where the sabotage took place, Vemork Industrial Museum including the history of the Heroes of Telemark/The heavy water war, the industrial town of Rjukan, see movie: "If Hitler had the bomb" and the exhibitions Heroes of Telemark and The saboteurs.
Heddal Stave church in Notodden
Photo Visit Telemark

Heddal Stave church in Notodden

The world’s largest stave church and Norway’s best preserved, from 1200. The church is a triple nave stave church. Beautiful woodcarvings and rosepaintings. There is a legend telling about the construction of the church and how it was built in three days. Bus: Brevik – Notodden 1 hour 30 min Kragerø – Notodden 2 hours Pax: Min 25, max 180

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships No
Pilot B : Channel 19 and 80 K : Phone +47 35572600 or ch.81
Tidal movement B : 0.3 m K : Max 0.5
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limitation
Maximum number of ships per day in port B : 2 ships K : No limitation
Maximum number of passengers per day in port 5000
Environmental limitations/restrictions According to Norwegian regulations

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length B : 240 m K : At master pilot discretion
Draft Max ship draft and Depth in sea : B : 10m K : 9m
Air draft No limitation
Beam K : At master pilots discretion


Available B : No K: Yes min depth 22 m
Pontoons No
Tugboat Yes

Port Services

Bunkers B : Barge K: Diesel oil by road /heavy fuel oil by barge
Supplies B : Yes K : Can be arranged
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method B : No K : Yes by road tanker
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes


Port of Brevik /Kragerø

Phone +47 35 93 10 00 / +47 35 98 17 50
Contact person B:Jan E. Skarding K:Svein A. Walle
Phone B: +47 35 90 55 20 K: +47 35 98 23 88
Mailing Address B PBOX 20 ,3950 Brevik K:PBOX 158 , 3791 Kragerø
Visiting Address Port of Telemark B = Breviksterminalen K= Kragerø B: Strømtangvn. 39 K: Ytre Strandvei 16 B: POBox 20, 3950 Brevik K: POBox 158, 3791 Kragerø
Port control
Charts B: 1333 K: Norwegian chart number 6
Web site
Emergency channel (VHF) Ch 16
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) K: Phone +47 35 57 26 00 or Ch 81
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses (B) Yes, it is mandatory, free service operatesbetween 07:00 and 17:00 every day and the bus stops in thecentre. (K) Yes
Taxi (B) Yes, on orders (K) Yes
Shopping (B) Yes, in town (K) Yes, 50 m
Tax refund No
Emergency 113
Distances - airport (B) 50 km (K) 92 km
Distance to city centre (B) 1 km (K) 50 m

Destination Telemark

Mailing Address
Visiting Address
Phone +47 95 83 27 73
Contact person Anne Bjørg Haugan
Phone +47 95 83 27 73
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