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Norway - the ultimate nature-based cruise destination


Photo: Baard Loeken

Lofoten: SVOLVÆR / LEKNES Cruise Port

The worlds most beautiful islands

Voted by Nathional Geographic as one of the most appealing destinations in the world, Lofoten is an Arctic island group that has been a cruise destination since 1889. There are two main ports: Leknes (45%) and Svolvær (35%) with only 1 hour drive inbetween. The landscape is striking in its variety: wildly beautiful places of marsh and rock, green fields and still lakes, dramatic mountains and white sandy beaches by jade seas. Lofoten is dotted with picturesque villages and fish-drying racks, as stockfish – dried cod – has been the main export since the Middle Ages. The five main islands are linked by road and you can easily cross all five and return in a day. Passengers can also disembark at one port and rejoin the ship at another. Lofoten is ideal for all kinds of nature-based activities. On land there is hiking at all levels, road biking and rock-climbing for the adventure seeker. At sea you can go kayaking, diving, snorkelling, or try your luck with the fishing rod. Sea Eagle safaris by RIB, can be arranged from both Svolvær and Leknes. In the wintertime, you can experience the magical Aurora Borealis, go skiing or snowshoeing and horseback riding for example.

Attractions & Excursions

Full Steam
Photo Marius Fiskum, Norsk Sjømatråd-nordnorge.com

Full Steam

We share the story from the sea through to export commodity and the guest can see the equipment and processes that are used from the moment the fish comes out of the sea, via the production of stockfish to the export of this famous commodity.Full steam is a private museum with a special collection of items connected to Lofoten’s long fishing traditions.
Magic Ice
Photo Magic Ice

Magic Ice

Worlds first Ice Gallery and Ice Bar incl. a drink served in an ice glass. Poised to be a True ‘Winter Wonderland’ a fantastic Natural Ice Blue World Created by Snow and Ice! The entrance to Magic Ice is the gateway to an adventure both fantastic and far removed from everyday life –a feeling of being beamed over to the Arctic. The entire permanent exhibition is constructed of crystal clear ice–even the glasses at the bar are ice!
Lofoten Stockfish Museum

Lofoten Stockfish Museum

Stockfish is Norway’s oldest product for export. It has for thousands of years had a great deal of importance for Lofoten, also today. The Lofoten stock fish museum exhibits the production line from start to finish. We guide and teach about the Stockfish for large groups in 6 languages: Italian, French, German, English, Spanish and Norwegian.
Nusfjord Fishing Village

Nusfjord Fishing Village

Nusfjord is Norway`s oldest and best preserved fishing village. Nusfjord is surrounded by impressive mountains and crags. Here the small fishing village has stood firm against the elements for generations. Protected by its natural harbour; on a clear day you can see all the way to Bodø on the other side of the Vestfjord. Find shelter in your own newly restored rorbu or get warm with great food and drinks behind the panoramic windows of Restaurant Karoline.
Gallery Lofotens Hus

Gallery Lofotens Hus

Galleri Lofotens Hus is located in Henningsvær. The gallery has one of the largest collections of art from the so-called Golden Age of North Norwegian Painting, from the late 18th to the early 19th Century. You will also find an exhibition by one of Norway’s best-known contemporary artists, Karl Erik Harr. The second floor has an excellent exhibition of photographs taken during the Lofoten Fishery in the 1920s.
Fygle Museum
Photo Vest.museum

Fygle Museum

The museum consists of the old School (1898), the shed (1950), Rorbu (Fisherman cabin) (1834) - probably one of the oldest rorbuer on the Lofoten island. The old school has a relatively complete interior from a class room, along with displays in the other rooms. Themes are to shoemaking, textiles, archeological finds from stone age, iron age and medieval ages, and a dentist´s office.

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes SVJ & LKN
Designated quays for cruise ships SVJ: No / LKN: Yes
Pilot Channel 13 (SVJ & LKN)
Tidal movement SVJ: 1.86 m average / LKN: 2 – 2.2 m
Ship tenders allowed Yes (SVJ & LKN)
Ships stay minimum/maximum SVJ: East only until 1800 / LKN: No restrictions
Maximum number of ships per day in port 3 (SVJ & LKN)
Maximum number of passengers per day in port 4000 (SVJ & LKN)
Environmental limitations/restrictions

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length SVJ: East 214 m. West: 122 m / LKN: 230 m
Draft SVJ: East 6m. West 10 m LKN: 7,5 at pier, N/L at anchorposition
Air draft No limit (SVJ & LKN)
Beam No limit (SVJ & LKN)


Available SVJ: N68˚13.29. E014˚33.93 / LKN: position agreed with pilot
Pontoons SVJ: No / LKN: Yes
Tugboat SVJ: RS Stormbull, pulling strength 5.2t./ LKN: RS Det Norske Veritas, pulling strenght 20t (pre-order if needed)

Port Services

Bunkers SVJ: Tanker truck / LKN: Tanker truck & bunker ship
Supplies Yes (SVJ & LKN)
Waste handling Yes (SVJ & LKN)
Fresh water Yes (SVJ & LKN)
Waste water method Truck (SVJ & LKN)
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes


Port of Svolvær (SVJ) and (LKN) Leknes

Phone LKN: + 47 76 05 61 17, +47 76 05 59 20 / SVJ: +47 76 06 79 90, +47 76 06 79 91
Contact person LKN: Kjell Jakobsen /SVJ: Audhild Rasmussen
Mailing Address SVJ: Fiskergata 23 / L: LKN: Storgata 37
Visiting Address SVJ: Fiskergata 23 / L: LKN: Storgata 37
Port control
VHF LKN: Channel 12 / 16
Charts SVJ: Number 462 / LKN: Number 72
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel 16 (SVJ & LKN)
Medical Emergency Phone 113 (SVJ & LKN)
Pilot channel (VHF) Channel 13 (SVJ & LKN)
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses LKN: Yes / SVJ: No
Taxi SVJ: Yes / LKN: Yes
Shopping LKN: At pier and city centre 4 km /SVJ: East 140 m, West 2.3 km
Tax refund No (SVJ & LKN)
Distances - airport LKN: 5.4 km / SVJ: East 6.2 km, West 7 km
Distance to city centre LKN: 4 km / SVJ: East 140 m, West 2.2 km


Mailing Address SVJ: Torget 18 / LKN: Storgata 27, Leknes City Centre
Visiting Address SVJ: POB 210, NO-8301 Svolvær / LKN: VTI Storgata 25, NO-8370 Leknes
Phone LKN: +47 76 08 75 53 /SVJ: +47 76 07 05 75
Contact person
E-mail LKN: post@vestvagoy-turistinfo.no
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