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Skjolden - Sognefjord Cruise Port

At the end of Norway’s longest fjord

The tranquil village of Skjolden is nestled between Norways highest mountain range, Jotunheimen National Park, and two spectacular glaciers, the Nigards Glacier and the Jostedal Glacier. Guests experience genuine Norwegian hospitality and nature beyond imagination. Skjolden is home of Urnes Stave Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The approach is via the picturesque Lusterfjord, which is emerald green because of the melt water from the glaciers. Along both shores of the fjord there are beautiful villages and lush cultural landscapes where fruits and berries are grown on small, idyllic farms.

Attractions & Excursions

Jotunheimen National Park & Sognefjellet National Scenic Route

Jotunheimen National Park & Sognefjellet National Scenic Route

Norway’s first national scenic route, the Sognefjellet Mountain Road (Route 55) through Skjolden and the Jotunheimen National Park, is the highest and most impressive mountain pass in Northern Europe. Explore spectacular and wild mountain scenery at the roof of Norway, including alpine tops, glaciers, lakes and waterfalls, and view Norway’s highest mountains at close range!
Feigumfossen Waterfall

Feigumfossen Waterfall

Feigumfossen is one of Norway`s highest waterfalls, and the free fall of 218 m can be seen both from the fjord, the Romantic Road and from the national tourist route. There are also many other beautiful waterfalls in this area.
Jostedalsbreen National Park & Nigardsbreen Glacier
Photo Sverre Hjørnevik

Jostedalsbreen National Park & Nigardsbreen Glacier

Distance: 65 km The impressive Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park can be viewed at close range in Jostedalen. This very spectacular branch of the Jostedalsbreen glacier is one of the most accessible glaciers where you also can join guided glacier walks for the whole family. You can also visit the National Park Centre -Breheimsenteret.
UNESCO World Heritage – Urnes Stave Church

UNESCO World Heritage – Urnes Stave Church

The Urnes Stave Church is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site and Norway’s oldest stave church. The stave church is located in an idyllic setting by the Lusterfjord at the end of the Romantic Road between Skjolden and Urnes. There is a small visitor centre next to the church too. These two main attractions can of course be combined with other attractions in and around Skjolden.
The Norwegian Glacier Museum
- © Terje Rakke Nordic Life AS

The Norwegian Glacier Museum

Distance: 60 km Breheimsenteret is the visitors’ centre for the Jostedalsbreen Glacier National Park. Enjoy the spectacular view from the restaurant!
From authentic West to authentic East

From authentic West to authentic East

The Sognefjellet scenic route from Skjolden runs across the roof of Norway to the friendly village of Lom in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley, which is known for being a very authentic and well preserved eastern village, with small, brown wooden houses, many museums, a stave church, restaurants serving local food etc.

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships Yes
Pilot Channel 10
Tidal movement 1.5 m
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum Minimum 5 hour
Maximum number of ships per day in port 2
Maximum number of passengers per day in port 5000
Environmental limitations/restrictions

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length 340 m
Draft 13.5
Air draft No
Beam None


Available Yes
Pontoons Yes
Tugboat No

Port Services

Bunkers No
Supplies Yes
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water
Waste water method No
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes


Port of Skjolden

Contact person Mike McFadden
Mailing Address Skjolden resort, Egge Gård,NO-3514 Hønefoss
Visiting Address Skjolden port, NO-6876 Skjolden
Port control
Charts Norwegian chart
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel 10
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) Channel 10
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses No
Taxi Yes, on request
Shopping 0-700 m
Tax refund No
Distances - airport 75 km, Sogndal lufthavn
Distance to city centre 900 m

Tourist information Skjolden

Mailing Address Fjordstova, NO-6878 Skjolden
Visiting Address Fjordstova, NO-6878 Skjolden
Phone +47 94151990
Contact person
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