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Sandefjord Cruise Port

Welcomes You

Welcome to the friendly seaside town of Sandefjord, blessed with a long and beautiful coastline in addition to having a rich historical heritage. Take part in the history of Sandefjord with memories from the Viking Age, the glory years of its rise in popularity as a Spa Town in the 19th Century, the Whaling Period, as well as modern times of course. We offer a wide variety of excursions with optional duration. Oslo is easily reached on an organized day trip.

Attractions & Excursions

Historical tour, 3.5 hours
Photo Øyvind Thuresson

Historical tour, 3.5 hours

Experience the Whaling Museum, Europe’s only museum dedicated to whaling and its history. This uniqe Museum is focused on the following topics: Whales, whaling and the oceans’ resources, life in the ocean, interaction between people and nature and anti-whaling activity. The tour also takes you to the beautiful former estate of shipping magnate Anders Jahre, Midtåsen.
Viking for a day, 6 hours
Photo Vestfoldmuseene

Viking for a day, 6 hours

The Vikings lived in the area surrounding the Oslofjord about 1000 years ago. Their presence is clearly seen in the artifacts and monument they left behind.
Sightseeing by walking 2,5 hours guided tour in town
Photo E L Visit Vestfold

Sightseeing by walking 2,5 hours guided tour in town

Sandefjord is a modern town with great variation. There are short distances, flat terrain and easy to walk around. The town has an interesting history, beautiful nature and a quiet atmosphere. On this tour you will get a brief description of Sandefjord and the three main periods of Sandefjords history, Viking, Spa and Whaling, as well as modern history, architecture and curiosities.
Sandefjord and Coastal Panoramic, 4.5 hours
Photo Nils Kavlie-Borge

Sandefjord and Coastal Panoramic, 4.5 hours

On this tour you see a selection of the main attractions in Sandefjord and visit Stavern, Norway’s smallest town. You will get a brief description of Sandefjord and the three main periods of Sandefjord’s history, Viking, Spa and Whaling as well as modern history.
Cultural and geological walks
Photo EL Visit Vestfold

Cultural and geological walks

Sandefjord is a site of cultural and geological interest. In addition to the whaling legacy, there is also the history of World War II and the Viking Age. World War II is best reflected by a visit to the Coastal Fort at Folehavna where the armaments can still be viewed.
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… It is so unique that the word doesn’t even exist in the English language. Sandefjord has lots of it and we would love to share it with you. It is not archipelago nor skerries but hundreds of small and larger islands lining the coast. Some are inhabited but most of them are merely rocks polished by thousands of years of wear and tear by waves and wind.

Port Facilities

Open 24 hrs
ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships Yes
Pilot Boarding stations: Langesund N58:56 - E09:48, or Ferder N59:04 - E10:34
Tidal movement Nil
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limit
Maximum number of ships per day in port
Maximum number of passengers per day in port
Environmental limitations/restrictions Yes

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length 250 m
Draft 10 m
Air draft Nil
Beam 50 m


Available Good anchoring ground
Tugboat Book. 12 hr Bollard Pull 35 ton

Port Services

Bunkers Road tanker or barge, 8 and 24 hr book at all berths
Supplies 24 hr service for all supplies
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method
Other Sewage service
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines?


Port of Sandefjord

Phone P +47 33 41 64 39 / M +47 90 41 84 45
Contact person
Mailing Address Strandpromenaden 18, 3210 Sandefjord
Visiting Address Strandpromenaden 18, 3210 Sandefjord
Port control
Charts BA 3158 Admirality Pilot NP56
Emergency channel (VHF) 16
Medical Emergency
Pilot channel (VHF) 13
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses Yes, not mandatory. Cost on request. Buses can stop down town
Taxi YES
Shopping 3 km
Tax refund YES, at airport
Distances - airport 10 km
Distance to city centre 3 km

Tourist Office:

Ships up to app. 100 m can dock at

“Pier II” in the town centre

Visit Sandefjord

Mailing Address Torpveien 130 3241 Sandefjord, Norway
Visiting Address
Phone (+47) 33 46 05 90
Contact person
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