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Port of Kristiansand

The town of flowers & culture

As the capital of southern Norway, Kristiansand has become known as the town of flowers, rich on culture and traditions and with a “laid back” southern atmosphere. Founded in 1641, Kristiansand tends to pleasantly surprise its visitors to the town due to its easy access to the town center with the fish market and the old town. From Kristiansand visitors also have easy access the unspoilt nature and can explore the rest of the region on foot or by coach. The citizens of Kristiansand are friendly and relaxed and the quaint town centre is easy to get to know, perfect for a one day stop as there is time to shop, walk around and check out some of the highlights.

Attractions & Excursions

Kristiansand Zoo
Photo Dyreparken

Kristiansand Zoo

3-4 hours. Capacity: no limit. Distance from the pier: 13 km Besides being the largest zoo in Scandinavia, Kristiansand Zoo is very special due to its typical Norwegian landscape. In addition to the more traditional zoo animals you will find elk (moose), wolfs, lions, tigers and many more.
The Arkivet Foundation
Photo Arkivet

The Arkivet Foundation

2.5 hours. Capacity: 60 pax. Distance from the pier: 1.6 km The foundation is based in a building that served as a Gestapo regional headquarters during the Second World War, with the basement functioning as a detention and interrogation centre. Arkivet took over the vacated building in 1999.
The Mineral Park
Photo The Mineral Park

The Mineral Park

3 hours. Capacity: no limit. Distance from the pier: 57 km The park houses Europe’s finest private collection of stones and minerals. More than 1200 of them are exhibited inside the mountain in tunnels specially made for the exhibition. The brilliant colours and distinctive shapes of the minerals give you a visual experience you will never forget. Even those with no special interest in minerals will see them in a different light.
The Setesdalsbanen Vintage Railway
Photo Ulf Bergkvist

The Setesdalsbanen Vintage Railway

Narrow-gauge (1067mm) railway powered by a steam engine from 1901. The track section covers 8 km through tunnels, under avalanche shelters and across dams. The trip recreates the special atmosphere of a turn-of-century railway journey. A traditional light snack, griddle cake, is served in authentic historical surroundings.
Lindesnes Lighthouse
Photo Visit Sørlandet

Lindesnes Lighthouse

8 hours. Capacity: no limit. Distance from the pier: 81 km A coastal lighthouse on the southernmost tip of mainland Norway. It is also the oldest lighthouse station in Norway, first lit in 1655. Lindesnes lighthouse is owned by the Norwegian Coastal Administration and is still an active lighthouse, but also a museum.
Gimle Estate & Gardens

Gimle Estate & Gardens

3 hours. Capacity: no limit. Distance from the pier: 2.8 km The Gimle estate was built around 1800. Collections of paintings, period furniture, china etc. reflect a family home through five generations. Now a cultural museum of historic interest, surrounded by an English style landscape manor house park and well worth a visit.

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships YES. Pier 13 and 20
Pilot YES, channel 13 Phone 48 25 13 76
Tidal movement 40-50 cm only
Ship tenders allowed YES
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limitation.
Maximum number of ships per day in port Normally two or three. Depends on ship size
Maximum number of passengers per day in port No limitation
Environmental limitations/restrictions

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length Berth 10: ship lenght 361. Berth 20: 270 m. Berth 16: 64 m.
Draft Berth 10:11 m. Berth 20: 9 m. Berth 16: 12-18 m.
Air draft No limitations. No bridges or powerlines
Beam No limitation.


Available At western harbor basin
Pontoons Can be ordered
Tugboat Two tugs available.

Port Services

Bunkers Two bunker stations bunker stations For smaller vessels, by tanktruck
Supplies Yes. Shipchandlers available
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method Yes, by tanktruck
Other Fresh water. Garbage disposal, grey/black water.
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes


Port of Kristiansand

Phone +47 97 09 05 04
Contact person Duty officer
Mailing Address POB. 114, NO-4662 Kristiansand
Visiting Address Gravane 4 Kristiandsand
Port control
Charts Harbor chart no. 459
Emergency channel (VHF) VHF Channel 12 Port Authority. Port duty officer
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) YES, channel 13 Phone 48 25 13 76
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses Can be arranged. City train
Taxi Yes, Phone +47 38 00 20 00 or +47 38 02 80 00
Shopping 500m
Tax refund Yes, at ship on departure or at local customs office
Distances - airport 17 km, KJEVIK AIRPORT
Distance to city centre 400 m

Service: Electronics, during the day

Kristiansand Tourist Information

Mailing Address Rådhusgt.18
Visiting Address Rådhusgt. 18 NO-4611 Kristiansand
Phone +47 38 07 50 00
Web site
Contact person
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