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Norway - the ultimate nature-based cruise destination


Photo: Tove V Braathen


Homeland of the Viking Kings, Norway´s birthplace

The Homeland of the Viking Kings is located between Stavanger and Bergen in the heart of Norway's south-western cruise region, and nestling among countless small islands and the mighty, almost endless, fjords such as Åkrafjord, Hardangerfjord and Lysefjord. Haugesund is a vibrant and historic town dating back to Viking times. This is where, a thousand years ago, King Harald Fairhair united Norway into a single kingdom, and it was from this area that the

Viking Kings ruled Norway for more than 500 years. The region has laid claim to the title of Norway's Birthplace – the Homeland of the Viking Kings. The region offers a wealth of natural wonders just waiting for you to explore – including the impressive North Sea coastline. The fjords on the other hand are enclosed and intimate, offering picturesque and

tranquil landscapes. Our Viking history, fjords, islands, mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, rivers and the town itself all combine to make this region an exciting cruise destination.

Welcome to Haugesund – An unspoiled gem in the heart of Norway´s south-western cruise region.

Attractions & Excursions

The Highlights of Haugesund
Photo Tove V Bråthen

The Highlights of Haugesund

Experience Haugesund by bus and learn about the town’s history and architecture. The Steinsfjellet mountain gives you a panoramic view across the town, the North Sea and the surrounding islands. Haraldshaugen is Norway’s national monument commemorating the unification of Norway in Viking times. The City Hall is regarded as the most attractive in Norway.
Åkrafjord and the Langfoss waterfall
Photo Erik Kvalheim

Åkrafjord and the Langfoss waterfall

In March 2011 CNN voted Langfoss in Åkrafjorden as one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It is the fifth highest waterfall in Norway. The fjord is 32 km long and 650 m at its deepest point. The Langfoss Waterfall Fjord Cruise passes tiny farms and rugged mountains on its way to the falls
Skudeneshavn - a bright, white haven by the sea
Photo Ørjan B Iversen

Skudeneshavn - a bright, white haven by the sea

Old Skudeneshavn is one of the most well-kept old wooden house towns of Europe. With its narrow streets, the idyllic harbour and the old white wooden houses may charm you to stay for longer than you have planned to. Old Skudeneshavn - Wooden houses originating from the 1800’s, when the herring-fishing industry was at its peak.
Fjords, mountains and waterfalls
Photo:Visit Haugesund

Fjords, mountains and waterfalls

The contrasts in Åkrafjorden are huge: bare mountain sides, luscious pastures, still-reflected fjords, and tumbling glacial waters. Røldal Stave Church. The estimated age of the church is generally dated to between 1200-1250 AD. National Tourist Route.
Homeland of the Viking Kings
Photo Ørjan B Iversen

Homeland of the Viking Kings

Travel back in time on an exciting journey to Avaldsnes, Norway’s first royal seat. Visit the old church, built by a Viking king, and the nearby heritage centre, where you can learn about the Viking Age and more. At Avaldsnes you can see a reconstructed Viking farm and find out how the Vikings lived. You can combine all these attractions or just select one.
Nordvegen History Center Avaldsnes
Photo Ørjan B Iversen

Nordvegen History Center Avaldsnes

Avaldsnes is home to the first king of Norway, Harald the Fairhaired. For 3000 years princes and kings ruled at Avaldsnes and controlled the ships that was forced to sail through he narrow strait Karmsund along ”Nordvegen” - ”the way to the north”, the shipping route that gave Norway its name. In Nordvegen History Centre you will hear about the princes and kings that ruled ”The North Way” from Avaldsnes.

Port Facilities

Open 24 h
ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships Yes
Pilot Channel 13
Tidal movement 0.5 m +/-
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limitations
Maximum number of ships per day in port Garpaskjær: 1 (2) main cruise pier + smaller ships at inner harbor (120 m.)
Maximum number of passengers per day in port 5000
Environmental limitations/restrictions

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length 350 (bigger ships on request)
Draft 9,5
Air draft No airdraft


Available Yes
Pontoons Yes
Tugboat Yes

Port Services

Bunkers Yes
Supplies Boat, truck
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method Yes
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes


Port of Haugesund

Phone +47 92 08 46 89 or +47 90 93 50 59
Contact person Vigleik Dueland, Director Cruise Development / Leiv Sverre Leknes Harbour Master
Phone +47 92 08 46 89 or +47 90 93 50 59
Mailing Address medasundet 77 ,5528 Haugesund
Visiting Address Killingøy, Haugesund
Port control
Phone +47 52 70 37 50
VHF 12 / 16
Charts 17 / 469
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel: 16 / Vessel traffic service Kvitsøy channel 18 / 19
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) Channel 13
Distance to nearest pilot station

Taxi Yes
Shopping 800 m
Tax refund At Touristinformation office
Distances - airport 14 km, Haugesund Airport Karmoy
Distance to city centre 800 m


Mailing Address At the port / Main office; Strandgata 171
Visiting Address Strandgaten 171, NO-5525 Haugesund, Norway
Phone +47 52 01 08 30
Contact person
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