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Hammerfest Cruise Port

The Northernmost Town in the World

Welcome to Hammerfest, the northernmost town in the world! In Hammerfest, this micro metropolis in the Arctic, tradition meets modern spirit. The town is a typical reconstruction town, where contemporary architecture is replacing post-WWII reconstruction buildings. Visitors can experience Hammerfest by strolling through the city or visiting its museums. From the early “Pomor” trade with Russia, to a town completely lost in flames, a rich tradition of Arctic hunting and fishing; and, more recently, industrial development in energy and gas: Hammerfest bears a unique and exciting history.

Attractions & Excursions

Polar Bear Society
Photo:Zbigniew Ziggi Wantuch

Polar Bear Society

The Arctic History of Hammerfest. Join the world famous and exclusive society, and receive the Polar Bear pin as proof that you visited the World’s Northernmost Town – Hammerfest! Our museum showcases our proud traditions with fishing and hunting in arctic conditions. We also have a gift shop. The entrance to the exhibition is free of charge. Distance from pier: 3 km
Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and Northern Troms
Photo:Zbigniew Ziggi Wantuch

Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and Northern Troms

The Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and northern Troms stands as a monument to the human will to overcome the destructions of war and create a new future. The exhibition offers an insight into life as refugees and the rebuilding of Finnmark and Northern Troms.
Struve Geodetic Arc
Photo:Zbigniew Ziggi Wantuch

Struve Geodetic Arc

UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Struve Geodetic Arc was the first technical and scientific object to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Measurements were made in the form of a chain of triangulation along the meridian stretching from Ismail on the Black Sea in the South to Fuglenes in Hammerfest in the North.
Mikkelgammen – Sami Camp
Photo:Zbigniew Ziggi Wantuch

Mikkelgammen – Sami Camp

Your journey to the North of Norway brings you to the traditional settlement areas of the Sami people. On this bus excursion to the Sami restaurant Mikkelgammen you learn everything about culture and religion of the natives in the North. Your hosts Mikkel and Solveig invite you to try traditional delicacies, for example dried reindeer meat, cloudberry jam and smoked salmon.
Viewpoint Salen
Photo:Zbigniew Ziggi Wantuch

Viewpoint Salen

The viewpoint on the Hammerfest Mountain Salen is about 80 m high and offers an impressive view over the bay, the sound and our neighbor islands Sørøya and Seiland. The viewpoint can be reached in different ways: walking across the Zigzag Path directly from the town center (only summer) or by car via the street Turistveien. Distance from pier: 4 km.
Hammerfest Church
Photo:Zbigniew Ziggi Wantuch

Hammerfest Church

The Protestant Church of Hammerfest was built by architect Hans Magnus from Oslo, who among other things also designed the northernmost church in the world on Spitsbergen. It was consecrated in 1961. The triangle served Magnus as a leitmotif for the Church, both as a symbol of the Holy Trinity and also as a reference to the traditional fish drying racks, which still today are used to produce the stockfish. Distance from pier: 3 km

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes,
Designated quays for cruise ships Yes
Pilot VHF Ch. 12/16
Tidal movement Average 2.2m
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limitation
Maximum number of ships per day in port 2
Maximum number of passengers per day in port 1500-2000 for Excursions during a day
Environmental limitations/restrictions According to Norwegian and international regulations

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length Quay 1: 220m, Quay 2: 120m, Quay 9: 300m
Draft 1: 9m. 2: 8m. 9: 12m
Air draft


Available Yes
Pontoons No
Tugboat Yes ,but not compulsory

Port Services

Bunkers Available, only marinediesel/gasoil
Supplies Available
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method Truck
Other Bunkers method: Hose from station on berth
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes


Port of Hammerfest

Phone +47 78 40 74 00
Contact person
Mailing Address POB. 123, NO-9615 Hammerfest, Norway
Visiting Address Hamnegata 1
Port control
Charts Norwegian Chart no. 98, 101 and 489
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel 16
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) VHF Ch. 12/16
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses Mandatory
Taxi Yes
Shopping Pier 1 = 200 m / Pier 9 = 3 km
Tax refund No
Distances - airport Airport to Pier 1 = 4 km / Pier 9 = 1 km
Distance to city centre City centre to Pier 1 = 200 m / Pier 9 = 3 km


Mailing Address Hamnegata 3
Visiting Address POB. 504, NO-9615 Hammerfest
Phone +47 78 41 21 85
Contact person
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