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Photo: Per Eide

Geirangerfjord Cruise Port

Dramatic Norwegian nature, summer and winter

Geirangerfjord, rated as the best cared for Unesco World Heritage Site by National Geographic. It is definitely the scenery that is the main attraction of the area. The narrow fjord arms and steep mountains diving into the deep blue water can best be experienced by taking part in an excursion in this most secluded part of the fjord landscape. An adventure never to be forgotten. Geiranger Port: a well-known tender port offering exciting and scenic excursions and activities. SeaWalk is available in Geiranger. Hellesylt Port: the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hellesylt pier is 143 m. long. Starting point for the famous overland excursions to Geiranger. Or to Stranda, one of Scandinavias most renowned freeride ski destinations.

Attractions & Excursions

Geiranger Port
Photo: Fred Jonny Hammerø

Geiranger Port

A well-functioning and well-known tender port, offering exciting, scenic excursions and activities. The port comprises a cruise terminal, seawalk and 3–4 anchor positions depending on the size of the ship.
Mount Dalsnibba
Photo: Østengen og Bergo

Mount Dalsnibba

Highest fjord viewpoint from a road in Europe An easily accessed high mountain experience. An incredible viewpoint, 1500 metres above sea level, for the surrounding mountains and the Geirangerfjord in the distance. A “must see” on your visit to Geiranger.
The Flydal Gorge
Photo:Arne Aasheim

The Flydal Gorge

One of Norway’s most photographed viewpoints. From the top of an 80-metre deep gorge is the famous view back to Geirangerfjord. This is great to combine with Mount Dalsnibba since it lies along the road.
The Eagle Bend
Photo:Terje Rakke

The Eagle Bend

The best viewpoint from the road to the waterfalls in the fjord. The Eagle Bend with 11 hairpin bends - enjoy the spectacular panorama stretching from Geiranger town back over the fjord and to the Seven Sisters waterfall and then the tour to Mount Dalsnibba. Combined with the Flydal Gorge or Mount Dalsnibba, - fantastic views of Geiranger, the mountains and the fjord.
Mount Dalsnibba and Grotli
Photo: Grotli Arne Aasheim

Mount Dalsnibba and Grotli

And inland mountains and glacier. The tour to Mount Dalsnibba combined with a round trip in the Stryn Mountains and Grotli; beautiful and varied scenery with view to glaciers on the roof of Norway.
Norwegian Fjord Centre
Photo:Vegard Lødøen

Norwegian Fjord Centre

The World Heritage visitors’ centre brings the story of the fjord and its people to life with a multimedia exhibition and a panoramic film. It is very nice to do a stop at the centre when doing the viewpoint excursions.

Port Facilities

Open 24/7
ISPS approved Geiranger and Hellesylt
Designated quays for cruise ships Yes
Pilot Compulsory / Channel 13
Tidal movement 1.5-2.0 m
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limitation
Maximum number of ships per day in port
Maximum number of passengers per day in port Geiranger and Hellesylt: Approx 6000 (20.06 - 10.08)
Environmental limitations/restrictions Tenderboats must stop engine at ship's side and alongside jetty. Thoughtful use of side trusters.
Other Depth at Anchor positions 40 – 60 meters, mooring boat at service

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length Hellesylt Pier: No limit (cruise terminal)
Draft Geiranger: Depth 25-40 m. Hellesylt: Depth 10,5m
Air draft No limitation
Beam None


Available 3 - 4 anchor positions depending on the size of ship
Pontoons Geiranger: 2 ex. 200T, Pos 4B /Seawalk 3 x mooring buoys 300T Hellesylt Cruise Pier: 2 ex 200T,12 ex 100T, 1 ex mooring buoy 136T.
Tugboat Yes, available with 12 hrs notice

Port Services

Bunkers On request
Supplies On request
Waste handling On request
Fresh water No
Waste water method No
Other Crew facilities: Wi-fi internett, shoppinga, variety of trials from walking on the flat to challenging trails. To hire: Bikes, kayaks
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes


Port of Geirangerfjord

Phone +47 46 41 11 13/ 31/34
Contact person Rita Berstad Maraak
Phone +47 46 41 11 13
Mailing Address Øyna 13, NO-6200 Stranda
Visiting Address NO-6216 Geiranger
Port control
Phone +47 991 02 079 /+47 917 84 699
VHF 13/16
Charts Nr. 127
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel 110 - 112 - 113
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) Compulsory
Distance to nearest pilot station 57 Nautical miles

Buses Yes
Taxi Yes - 100 m
Shopping Close to the pier
Tax refund Yes - tourist office
Emergency 113
Distances - airport 130 km - Ålesund Airport
Distance to city centre 50-100 m

Destination Geirangerfjord

Mailing Address 6216 Geiranger
Visiting Address 6216 Geiranger
Phone +47 70 26 30 99
Contact person Ove Skylstad
Phone +47 917 80 746
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