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Photo Fredrikstad Kommune

Fredrikstad Cruise Port

Gateway to the Oslofjord

Close to Oslo – save time, cost and the environment. One port - two countries – Experience both Norway and Sweden. Compact games – discover more, travel less. Sail in to Fredrikstad through the 833 islands of Hvaler Islands. On the quay passengers are greeted with a show themed around our industrial heritage. Close by is Gamlebyen, the best preserved fortress town in North Europe – a living attraction with busy markets and cafés. There is a free ferry into the city’s urban centre. The towns of Moss, Sarpsborg, and Halden are a short bus ride away. Moss is known for its splendid galleries. The majestic Fredriksten Fortress towers over Halden. Through the town of Sarpsborg roars Sarpefoss, the waterfall with the greatest flow in Europe. Inland there is a peaceful landscape perfect for outdoor activities. Historical boats ferry passengers up the Halden Canal, with Scandinavia’s highest locks.

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Attractions & Excursions

Photo: Thomas Andersen


A journey back in time with actors. Meet the maid Marta, the noble madam Sophie von Sipp, convicts, soldiers and other characters who lived, loved and suffered in the Fortress Town in the 18th century. Fredrikstad Cruise Port wish to tell the stories of the region in a lively, inspirational and knowledgeable way.
The Hvaler Archipelago
Photo Walter Schøffthaler

The Hvaler Archipelago

- Go island hopping The island road bends and twists across islands and skerries, like Norway’s version of Key West – a fantastic start to this stunning excursion. We visit some of the Eastern Isles. Here we go cycling, or stroll along Kjærlighetsstien (Lovers’ Lane).
A stroll in the Fortress Town
Photo Walter Schøffthaler

A stroll in the Fortress Town

The star-shaped old town of Fredrikstad was founded in 1567 by King Frederick II and is the best preserved fortress town in Scandinavia. A stroll along the cobbled streets of the fortress town gives you a sense of history, but it is no museum – people live and work here.
Climb the Halden Canal

Climb the Halden Canal

Enjoy a beautiful canal boat tour in Northern Europe´s oldest and highest locks. Experience a special part of Norwegian industrial history. The Halden Canal is a well-kept secret tucked away along the Swedish border. The canal was constructed between 1852 and 1860 to facilitate timber log drives.
From cobbled streets to carved rocks
Photo Walter Schøffthaler

From cobbled streets to carved rocks

- Discover three thousand years Our tour starts on foot in the star-shaped fortress town the best preserved in Scandinavia, yet still a living part of the city with several hundred inhabitants, and fascinating shops, museums, galleries, restaurants and cafés. Gamlebyen (The Old Town) also hosts many festivals and events.
Fredriksten fortress
Photo Walter Shøffthaler

Fredriksten fortress

- often attacked but never captured The majestic fortress Fredriksten towers protectively over Halden. Today Fredriksten is a grand nature scenery. It’s also a popular cultural scene with local, national and international events. The contrast could not be greater to its origin – defending the country in front line against enemy fire.

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships Designated only in advance of each call
Pilot Channel 12
Tidal movement 0,5 metres
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limitations
Maximum number of ships per day in port 3 (1 big 2 smaller once)
Maximum number of passengers per day in port No limitations
Environmental limitations/restrictions According to international regulations

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length A. Øra Quay 300m+ (2015) /B. Øra Quay 250m/ Gamlebyen Quay 75m/ Tollboden Quay 140 m
Draft A. Øra Quay 12m (2015)/ B. Øra Quay 8,5m/ Gamlebyen Quay 5m /Tollboden Quay 6 m
Air draft A. Øra Quay - (2015) / B. Øra Quay -/ Gamlebyen Quay 39m / Tollboden Quay 39m
Beam N/A


Available Yes
Pontoons Yes
Tugboat Yes

Port Services

Bunkers Yes Bunkerservice by barge
Supplies Yes
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method Yes with tanker truck
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes open 24 hours


Port of Fredrikstad

Phone +47 69 35 89 00/14
Contact person Per Kristian Johansen
Mailing Address
Visiting Address Øraveien 27 Øra Fredrikstad NO-1630 Gamle Fredrikstad
Port control
Charts Nowegian harbour chart no. 464
Emergency channel (VHF) 16
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) 12
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses Yes
Taxi Yes
Shopping 1km (15 min walk)
Tax refund No
Distances - airport 120 KM /Oslo Airport Gardermoen- 30 KM /Moss Airport Rygge
Distance to city centre 4,2 km Distance to the Fortress Town: 2 km

Cruise Information:
Tourist Information:
Tourist Office in the Fortress Town:
Free internett access
Computer Access
City maps
Guide Service
Crew Cards with many different discounts. Free Ferry between the Fortress Town and City Center.
Cruising season: All year

Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler

Mailing Address Torvgaten 59A, NO-1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Visiting Address Torvgaten 59A, NO-1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Phone +47 69 30 46 00
Contact person
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