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Kalvåg Cruise Port

From sea to glacier

The fishing village Kalvåg is situated far out on the coastline, with Stadt as its neighbour in the north and the open North Sea to the west.

Kalvåg is the the best kept fishing village in western Norway. The village has a unique collection of old waterfront buildings. Many of the old wharf buildings have been restored and converted to provide accommodation. Around the bay the sea houses are clustered together, full of atmosphere. You can visit the old herring salting houses, go for a walk along the open air art exhibition or just enjoy the atmosphere. Visit the local galleries, and have a look at the art and crafts of Kalvåg. In Kalvåg everything is within walking distance

Kalvåg is famous for its excellent seafood, and there is no better place to enjoy it than Knutholmen Restaurant. Set right by the sea, the architecture, decor and cuisine of this village gathering point, all proudly reflect the vibrant coastal heritage of Kalvåg.

Kalvåg is the perfect place for enjoying activities such as birding, hiking, fishing, kayaking and sightseeing.

Attractions & Excursions

Seafood experience
Photo: David zadig

Seafood experience

Come along for a real seafood experience. We go out in boats to collect the shellfish traps. After being out at sea we will prepare the shellfish outside and enjoy tasting them. Kalvåg is famous for its fresh seafood. Knutholmens excellent chefs arranges wonderful seafood experiences in the restaurant or outside.
From sea to glacier
Photo:Svenn Petter Kjerpeset

From sea to glacier

A scenic sightseeing route where we enjoy the nature, stop at interesting attractions such as Ålfoten Stave Church, Grotlesanden beach and Rugsund old Trading post.
Historic seahouse walk in Kalvåg
Photo Hildegard Nygård

Historic seahouse walk in Kalvåg

Lisetbua and Albert Vamråk herring salting house are well worth a visit. In the Liset salting house one finds a herring saltery, cooper’s workshop, carpenter’s workshop and production of cod liver oil and a base for the fishery. Today, it is a “living” museum for the coastal culture. Albert Vamråk herring salting house has also been restored.
Photo:Steinar Bauge


If you like fishing, then Kalvåg is an excellent place to be. Try your luck fishing at the open sea or in of the fjords. You can get a big catch both places. Deepsea fishing, or just fishing within the skerries in a smaller boat. A great experience for all «fishermen».
Photo: Hildegard Strømmen Nygård


Vingen is one of the largest rock carvings sites in Europe. Here you will find between 1000 and 1500 figures, believed to be made by hunter gathers from the early Stone Age (approximately 4000 – 6000 years old). The deer is the most common motif, but you will also find human figures and abstract symbols. The area is protected, and only organised trips are permitted.
Photo: Laila Schønhardt


Måløy is located in outer Nordfjord, about 1 hour from Kalvåg, and has beautiful and varied scenery, with a beautiful coastline and gorgeous mountains - where the fjord meets the sea. In Måløy you can experience interesting cultural sites such as the old trading post Vågsberget, shacks in Torskangerpollen, the lighthouses and the barrel factory in Ulvesundet.

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships Yes
Pilot Channel 13
Tidal movement 1, 5 meters
Ship tenders allowed No
Ships stay minimum/maximum No restrictions
Maximum number of ships per day in port 1
Maximum number of passengers per day in port 1500
Environmental limitations/restrictions No restrictions

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length 200 meters
Draft 10 meters
Air draft No bridge
Beam No restrictions


Available No
Pontoons No
Tugboat Yes

Port Services

Bunkers Yes
Supplies Yes
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method Yes
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes, when applicable


Port of Kalvåg

Phone +47 99 43 92 90
Contact person Monica Sande
Phone +47 99 43 92 90
Mailing Address
Visiting Address Postboks 104, 6723 Svelgen
Port control
Charts Admiralty chart no 3037 Norw. No 479
Web site
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel 16
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) Channel 13
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses NO
Taxi Yes must be prebooked
Shopping 700 m
Tax refund NO
Distances - airport Florø Airport, 30 minutes by boat
Distance to city centre 700 m

Visit Fjordkysten AS

Mailing Address Strandgt 30
Visiting Address Strandgt 30 NO-6900 Florø
Phone +47 57 74 30 00
Contact person
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