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Farsund Cruise Port

Port of Farsund - The pearl of the south

Farsund never fail to impress. The cosy small town once was the port for vessels from every corner of the world. The port calls are not as frequent anymore, but the beauti ful white houses and the broad wooden keys remind us about the glorious past. Fortunately, it is more to Farsund than long lost glory. The small shops and bouti ques make a stroll along the cosy streets a very pleasant experience. Feeling philosophical, or just lazy? The benches along the water front off er a magnifi cent view of “the most welcoming harbour in the northern hemisphere”.


Attractions & Excursions

The Town Hall

The Town Hall

Husan, the majestic town hall The locals are very proud of this old, wooden building. Built as a private residence/shipping office by Jochum Lund in 1790. The building was considered as the second largest secular wooden building in Norway. If the regular guides are busy, the mayor himself will show the tourists around.
Lista Lighthouse

Lista Lighthouse

The famous lighthouse and art gallery Climb the 137 steps to the top of Lista lighthouse and get a new perspective. Up there you can see the ships sail past. You can see how the landscape changes from the rocky western coastline to the sandy beaches along the southcoast. The rich farmland forms a green barrier between the sea and the mountains.
Pirates of the North

Pirates of the North

Farsund – more than just stunning beaches Towards the end of the Napoleonic wars (1807-1815) the town hosted notorious pirates. Equipped with royal permissions to loot any enemy (British) ship in sight, these privateers made a fortune in just a few years.

Port Facilities

ISPS approved 3 ISPS approved berths
Designated quays for cruise ships 2 cruise berths available (see below)
Pilot VHF: ch 13
Tidal movement 0,32 meters
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum No restrictions
Maximum number of ships per day in port max. 4 ISPS ships
Maximum number of passengers per day in port 3000
Environmental limitations/restrictions No

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length 230 meters (larger upon request)
Draft Max. 13,8 meters
Air draft No restrictions


Available Yes, several postions available
Pontoons No
Tugboat 3 large tugboats and 2 small tugboats have their home port in Farsund

Port Services

Bunkers : Bunkers station on pier 1 with 1.800 m3 with diesel, max. shipsize 180 meters length.
Supplies available upon request
Waste handling All types of waste handling available
Fresh water
Waste water method Tanker truck, barge or boat
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines?


Port of Farsund

Phone + 47 38 38 20 00
Contact person Harbour Master Tom Egil Ravndal +47 945 32 188
Mailing Address 4552 FARSUND
Visiting Address Brogaten 7
Port control
Emergency channel (VHF)
Medical Emergency
Pilot channel (VHF)
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses Yes
Taxi Yes
Shopping Yes
Tax refund No
Distances - airport airport 160 km
Distance to city centre 1000 meters

Farsund Touristinformation

Mailing Address Turistinformasjonen@farsund.kommune.no
Visiting Address Torvgaten 2, 4550 Farsund
Phone + 47 38 38 21 15
Contact person
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