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Norway - the ultimate nature-based cruise destination


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Bodø Cruise Port

Your first port of call north of the Arctic Circle

The perfect port of call offers the widest range of choice. Bodø cruise port is such a port of call. The urban town of Bodø offers wondrous Arctic experiences, magical nature and culinary delights, all right outside our door here in the exotic north. We have the natural resources around us to help create unforgettable adventures. Among shore highlights is one of the world´s most extreme natural phenomena; Saltstraumen. It is the world's strongest maelstrom. We also present an exciting trip to the arctic circle, and when crossing the circle our guests join in at an Arctic circle ceremony where they are awarded an Arctic circle certificate. Another highlight of our shore excursions is the visit by the second largest glacier in Scandinavia. You get to see the glacier up close when walking up to the glacier.

Along the way to all these natural phenomenas you have a great view to the spectacular nature and scenery that surrounds the city of Bodø.
If you are seeking the thrill of speed, we recommend a trip on an open ocean RIB right from the quayside. This is a breathtaking experience that suits all ages.
Just a 5-minute drive from the Cruise Port, you'll find the Norwegian Aviation Museum. It is Scandinavia's largest and one of the most modern in Europe. Furthermore, the Bodø region is home to the largest colony of European Sea Eagles in the world.
Whether you are looking for spectacular scenery, the contrast between Stone Age settlements and modern culture, outdoor activities, or simply want to experience life in this exotic part of the world, you will find it all here in the Bodø region.
The people living north of the Arctic Circle are very friendly and open-minded. You will find it easy to make contact with the locals, especially since language skills in general are very good – English is spoken as a second language everywhere.

Your First Port of Call – North of the Arctic Circle!

Attractions & Excursions

Experience the worlds strongest tidal current
Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

Experience the worlds strongest tidal current

European Sea-Eagle Safari. Get ready to visit the strongest tidal current in the world and discover the European Sea-Eagle close at hand. Four times a day, 13 billion cubic feet of water are forced in and out through a passage 150 meters wide, 3 km long and only 25 meters deep.
Play golf in the midnight sun
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Play golf in the midnight sun

Play golf in the midnight sun.. The golf course of Bodø Golfpark is located just a 10 minute drive away from the city center. This exceptional golf course is in beautiful surroundings, it is possible to plat golf 24 h under the midnight sun in the summer. The first nine holes is in the seaside were both Lofoten and Landegode island are visible.
Newton flight academy NEW 2019!
Photo:Newton flight academy

Newton flight academy NEW 2019!

Experience Bodø city´s newest attraction; Newton flight academy, where you are the pilot! Take control of a full motion two engine flight simulator, and experience the challenge and the fun of flying this popular aircraft.
The Norwegian national jekt trade museum NEW 2019
Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

The Norwegian national jekt trade museum NEW 2019

The Norwegian national Jekt trade museum Here we’ll take you onboard for a journey into history you will never forget. The history of trade in circumpolar Norway is extraordinary. The open square sailed ship called Jekt sailed the Norwegian coast from north to south, from medieval times to modern day.
Tour of the Norwegian Aviation Museum
Photo: Tommy Andreassen

Tour of the Norwegian Aviation Museum

– Come fly with me! Norwegian Aviation Museum – tells the story of Norwegian aviation history. Come right up close and sense the smell of the real flying machines. We cover 10,000 m2, of civilian aircraft, military aircraft, and helicopters. You can experience the exciting history of aviation at close quarters.
Svartisen glacier
Photo:Svartisen as

Svartisen glacier

Northern Scandinavia´s largest glacier. Underground caves, marble foundations steep peaks and waterfalls, all located in the beautiful Saltfjellet – Svartisen National park with an abundance of attractions to explore. You get a breathtaking view of the glacier from the Brestua café. However if you want to see the glacier up front, transportation by bus can be arranged.

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships Yes
Pilot Channel 16/13
Tidal movement MLVS, 0.4 m; MHVS, 2.8 m
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limitation
Maximum number of ships per day in port Max 3 ships
Maximum number of passengers per day in port 3000
Environmental limitations/restrictions No
Other Port ice-free all year

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length Town square quay 120 m; Terminal quay south 200m, Terminal quay 350 m
Draft Town square 7 m; Terminal quay south 8,4m; Terminal quay 8,5 m.
Air draft No limitation
Beam Unlimited. *Above 58m must be reported to the aviation authorities


Available Yes
Pontoons Yes, but for tenders only
Tugboat Yes, on prior request

Port Services

Bunkers Yes. By truck or bunkers terminal
Supplies Yes
Waste handling Yes
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method Tank. Trucks
Other Electronic, mechanical and repair services available
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes


Port of Bodø

Phone +47 75 55 10 80
Contact person Port Director Kjersti Stormo
Phone +47 75 55 10 80
Mailing Address POB. 138, NO-8001 Bodø
Visiting Address Bodøterminalen, Terminalveien.
Port control
Phone +47 908 98 020 (24h)
VHF Channel 16/12 (24h)
Charts Norwegian
Web site
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel 16
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) Channel 16/13
Distance to nearest pilot station

Buses No
Taxi Yes
Shopping 50 - 500 m
Tax refund No
Emergency 113
Distances - airport 2 km / Bodø Airport
Distance to city centre 50 - 500 m


Mailing Address Tollbugata 13, NO-8006 Bodø
Visiting Address POB. 514, NO-8001 Bodø
Phone +47 75 54 80 10
Contact person
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