Åndalsnes Cruise Port


The ports of Molde and Åndalsnes are situated by the beautiful Romsdalsfjord, and have been visited by cruise ships since 1882. Cruise ships dock in the town centers, perfect for a great variety of independent exploration. All excursions are possible from both ports. The distance from Molde (M) and from Åndalsnes (Å) tells you which is the nearest port. Ships visiting both ports pay for one. Perfect for visiting some of Norway`s most spectacular destinations and dramatic sights in one day.


Attractions & Excursions

Trollstigen and Trollveggen

Trollstigen and Trollveggen

3,5 hours by bus from Åndalsnes, distance 70 km. A short bus ride from Åndalsnes we find Trollstigen, the spectacular zigzag road that winds its way in 11 hairpin bends up the steep mountainside. Trollstigen is a National Tourist Road, and one of the most beautiful driving experiences in the country. The viewpoint at the plateau gives a great view to the waterfalls cascading down the mountainside. Trollveggen mountain wall is the tallest, vertical rock face in Europe.
Musk ox and moose safari in Dovrefjell National Park

Musk ox and moose safari in Dovrefjell National Park

8 hours by bus, distance 240 km A new full-day excursion from Andalsnes through the Romsdalen valley to Dovrefjell National Park to meet the native beasts, the musk oxen and the moose. We leave Åndalsnes in the afternoon, and return in the evening. This is the best time to see the moose.
Hike the Romsdalseggen ridge

Hike the Romsdalseggen ridge

5 – 8 hours, by bus: 15 km, by foot hiking 10 km The hike across the Romsdal ridge is to be found in Norway’s most beautiful mountain region, and offers you breathtaking views. Highest point 1220 metres above sea level. This hike is easy accessible and spectacular! You’ll experience a 360 degree view to the Romsdal fjord, Trollveggen, Trollstigen. The mountain peaks Kongen, Dronninga, Bispen, Romsdalshorn and Vengetind. You will get a great view all the way to Molde and the Norwegian sea!
The Rauma Railway, “Europe’s most scenic train journey”(Lonely Planet),

The Rauma Railway, “Europe’s most scenic train journey”(Lonely Planet),

3 – 4 hours, distance 228 km to Dombås, 100 to Bjorli This excursion is operated by train one way and bus on the return. The train runs between Åndalsnes and Dombås. Some of the highlights when you travel through the valley Romsdalen is the beautiful river Rauma. You see several waterfalls and impressive mountain peaks. The guided journey will take you through 6 tunnels and over 32 bridges, included the famous Kylling bridge. 12 km from Åndalsnes you will also get a spectacular view of the famous Trollveggen – one of the highest vertical mountain walls in Europe.
The Golden Route from Åndalsnes to Geiranger

The Golden Route from Åndalsnes to Geiranger

8 hours, distance 180 km The Golden Route –the scenic tourist route from Åndalsnes to Geiranger that offers you several famous attractions in one tour: Trollveggen Mountain Wall- The National Tourist route Trollstigen – Gudbrandsjuvet ravine –Ørnevegen ” The Eagle Road” and the UNESCO World Heritage listed Geirangerfjord !
Sagelva Hydro Power Center

Sagelva Hydro Power Center

3,5 hours, 100 km A scenic excursion through the Romsdalen valley, and a cultural and historical journey that gives you insight to the nearly 300 year-old history of how water has been exploited. In 1999 the reconstruction of saws, circular saws and grinder started at the Hydro Power Center. The Hydro Power Center has received several cultural awards.

Port Facilities

ISPS approved Yes
Designated quays for cruise ships Yes
Pilot Channel : 12-16
Tidal movement 1.8-2.0 M
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Ships stay minimum/maximum No limitations
Maximum number of ships per day in port Åndalsnes 1 ship alongside - Several anchorage Molde & Åndalsnes
Maximum number of passengers per day in port No limitation
Environmental limitations/restrictions

Maximum Ship Dimensions

Length Åndalsnes Nato pier max 295 m
Draft Åndalsnes Draft: 10 m Depth: 8,5-10,5 m
Air draft No bridge
Beam None


Available Yes
Pontoons No
Tugboat Not compulsory. 2,5 hours from Aukra to Åndalsnes

Port Services

Bunkers Truck and bulkship/tankship
Supplies Truck
Waste handling Truck with container
Fresh water Yes
Waste water method Truck. Black/Grey water NO
Are the port facilities according to Cruise Norway's quality guidelines? Yes



Phone +47 71 19 16 20, +47 932 31 470
Contact person
Mailing Address POB. 281, NO-6401 Molde
Visiting Address Hamnegata 8, NO-6413 Molde
Port control
Charts Molde 33, 34,484 / Åndalsnes 33, 34, 434
Emergency channel (VHF) Channel : 16
Medical Emergency Phone 113
Pilot channel (VHF) Channel : 12-16
Distance to nearest pilot station

100 m

Buses unlimitted coaches
Taxi no. of taxis: 5
Shopping In the town centre directly by the port
Tax refund On request
Emergency Medical centre in Åndalsnes. Nearest hospital is in Molde, 1 hour.
Distances - airport Molde Airport Aarø
Distance to city centre 0 m


Mailing Address POB. 133, NO-6301 Åndalsnes
Visiting Address Åndalsnes Skysstasjon, NO-6300 Åndalsnes
Phone + 47 71 22 16 22
Contact person
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